Batting Benny's features the Triple Play Ultra Pitching Machine for softball. Our machines can launch a softball at any speed between 35mph and 70mph. The machine also does risers, screwballs, drop screwballs, curveballs, and drop curveballs all with only a few button presses. In addition our machines contain auto-feeders that hold up to 29 softballs and are operated by remotes.

We also have Rawlings Spinball Sports Pro Combination machines, which can reach speeds below 35mph and are ideal for kids or adults ages 4 and up
We also have 2 Jenny Finch Pitching Lane Pro Mats, which are ideal for softball pitchers.

In addition, we have an Iron Mike C-82 with a lob hand on it, which works great for slow pitch softball enthusiasts. We can consistently get an 8-10 foot arc on the ball.

We can accomodate just about any softball player at any age or skill level.