Welcome to Batting Benny's!

Our goal is to provide an instructional and fun baseball, softball, or cricket experience for any skill level player. We opened our doors officially on October 4, 2016, but our work started long before. We are a proud sponsor of various baseball/softball teams both in the travel and house league areas. We truly believe that we can make a difference in our community and help grow the fun games of baseball, softball, and cricket around us.

Upcoming Class Schedule

Little Sluggers Class Kids ages 4-7 will learn the basics of baseball and softball through fun, energetic drills. We will also teach different aspects of the game as well as have some coach directed games to play. We will hold class from 2pm-3pm Tuesdays and Thursdays 7/18 8/10. The cost is $75 per child.

Baseball/Softball Hitting Classes Hitters ages 8+ will improve their swing with drills and instruction designed to take their hitting to the next level. They will be partnered with similarly skilled individuals and their progress will be measured on our HitTrax system, which also incorporates video analysis of their swing. For baseball, we will hold class 1pm-2pm Thursdays 7/20 8/10. For softball will hold class 1pm-2pm Tuesdays 7/18 8/8. The cost is $75 per hitter.

Baseball Pitching Class Pitchers ages 8+ will improve their throwing mechanics through a variety of drills and exercise designed to take their pitching ability to the next level. We will focus on building balance, improving velocity, and improving location. We will hold class from 2pm-3pm Wednesdays 7/19 8/9. The cost is $75 per pitcher.

We also do private & small group lessons! Let our coaching staff help you reach your goals!

To register or ask questions, contact us at info@battingbennys.com or call us at 224-801-6674
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